Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Jolie was never going to be mere red carpet eye-candy - ALISON BOSHOFF

The couple got married two years ago and stole the headlines when Brad lifted the home-designed Versace veil 

The bride’s beatific smile said it all. Looking longingly into the face of her handsome groom, Angelina Jolie was a picture of wedded bliss. If only that image of marital happiness, captured in the film Mr and Mrs Smith where the couple first met 12 years ago, was borne out in real life.

But perhaps the writing was on the wall – or even doodled on that extraordinary home-designed Versace veil – at Miss Jolie and Brad Pitt’s actual wedding day in 2014.

For not only did the bride not smile, but in a brief statement released to Hello! magazine she managed not even to mention any fondness for the groom.

But since they got together, Jolie has reinvented herself as more than just red carpet eye-candyThe couple were seen arguing on their hotel balcony in Sydney after he was pictured enjoying a beer first thing in the morning, and the couple were then seen smoking together

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