Saturday, 27 August 2016

Daddy Freeze Slams Rumours Of His Sack From Cool Fm

OAP Freeze-NL
OAP Daddy Freeze is UPSET & BOILING at the moment. News went around this morning that the OAP has been sacked from Cool Fm due to his public conflict with Basket Mouth, but the OAP says nothing like that HAPPENED.

Freeze who sounds very angry through his words said he is ready to sue blogs who have carried the unconfirmed story except they pull it down and apologize immediately.
He however accepted that there was a meeting yesterday with Staff and management team of the radio station about fees, but it has nothing to do with basket mouth. Part of what he wrote;
The blogs have both carried all sorts of slanderous stories about me in the past, without confirmation, before posting their outrageous garbage.
But this, trust me, would be their last! If this defamatory and slanderous post is not It taken down immediately, and an unreserved apology offered, via the same medium within 24 hrs, I will be forced to take legal action against both blogs.
Yes, there are issues stemming from a meeting over presenters fees yesterday, details of which I choose not to discuss, because of the respect I have for Mr Moussalli and his family, but trust me, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Basket mouth or social media.

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