Friday, 6 March 2015

‘Buhari Is Brain-Dead….I Agree With Patience Jonathan’ – Femi Fani- Kayode Supports The First Lady

The spokesperson of the PDP
Presidential campaign organization,
Femi Fani-Kayode, has thrown his
weight behind the statement by the
First lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience
Jonathan who said the Presidential
candidate of the All Progressive
Congress, Muhammadu Buhari is
At a press conference in Abuja
yesterday, Fani-Kayode said Mrs
Jonathan only spoken the bitter truth,
read what he said below:
“The First Lady has spoken in a
courageous and forthright manner
and, most important of all, she has
spoken the bitter truth. Instead of
crying like spoilt little brats and
complaining, the APC and the
Buhari Campaign Organisation
should live with that bitter truth
and leave her alone. She has
every right to express herself in
any way that she deems fit and
she is entitled to her opinion.
This is especially so given the fact
that her husband, President
Goodluck Jonathan, is in the
presidential race. This is a man
that said that he would scrap the
office of the First Lady if he is
elected President. If he is not
ready to face public scrutiny and
criticism for his often times
irresponsible, retrogressive,
nonsensical and asinine views, he
should quit the presidential race
and consider retiring from
politics. Our counsel to the APC is
as follows: leave the First Lady
alone or prepare yourselves for a
relentless verbal blitzkrieg, the
likes of which you have never
seen before.” he said

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